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New excavation areas!

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It’s been a while since we updated everyone on our progress at Gore Place, so a few posts are coming soon. This one is just photographs of our original 2 by 10 meter trench and a new 2 by 8 meter trench to give people an idea of how far we have come. A post of the details of what we are finding will follow soon — I can just say that the site has some great architectural remains.

Our first trench was designed to cut across the greenhouse building; the second one should run along the south wall to hopefully find the east end.

This is how the original excavation area looked on June 6th.

This is an overview of our two excavation areas on June 11th; the first trench is in the foreground. You can see how much deeper it is than in the photo on the 6th. The new trench, which we started on Friday, is in the background.

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  1. Look at those shovels placed securely blade side down…we are the picture of OSHA safety standards 🙂

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