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A brick floor at Durant-Kenrick

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Brick floor small
One unit opened up during week three at Newton revealed at brick surface beneath layers of soil and destruction rubble, including cobbles, broken bricks, and mortar. The 1 x 2 meter unit was placed in an area of the backyard so that the southern (bottom) half of the unit was underneath the recently-demolished ell, while the northern (top) half of the unit was outside the ell. The brick surface may have been the floor of an older ell, and the large rock at the northern end of the unit is thought to be a remnant of the foundation. Currently, the unit is being expanded to the south in order to find the edge of the brick floor. Units will eventually be opened to the east and west as well, to determine the dimensions of the floor.
–Chris C.

One Comment

  1. Cooooooool!! Did you guys find any artifacts with the bricks? Any guesses on a date?

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