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Visit the new Collaborative Institute photo site!


The Collaborative Institute has created a Flickr page to chronicle the events hosted and attended by collaborators, leadership committees and staff. Visit to see photos from:

  • The Collaborative Institute’s Open House reception at their home in the Venture Development Center on April 29th, 2010
  • The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s Capitol Hill Oceans Week Leadership Awards dinner on June 8th, 2010, in Washington, DC
  • The Collaborative Institute’s Washington DC Reception and Council of Advisors Meeting on June 10th, 2010
  • Executive Director Robbin Peach presenting at The Coastal Society’s 22nd Annual Meeting with colleagues in June 2010. 



Author: The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security (CIOCS)

The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security is distinguished by its focus on the intersections of oceans, climate and security, and emerging associated policy and management implications. Founded at UMass Boston in January 2010, the Collaborative Institute exists to develop and communicate high-value intellectual, policy, and technical expertise to help stabilize the health of our atmosphere, coastal communities and marine ecosystems, and human/national security for all. It seeks on a global scale to create new strategic opportunities to bring innovation to science, policy and communications. Visionary, as well as opportunistic and flexible, the Collaborative Institute uses multi-sector engagement as a cornerstone of its work and uses public/private revenue to sustain its mission.

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