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December 22, 2011
by The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security (CIOCS)

Collaborative Institute to Host Global Conference

The 2012 Global Conference on Oceans, Climate and Security Planning Team is pleased to announce a change of venue for the GC’12 (previously known by the acronym GCOCS) scheduled for May 21-23, 2012. To maximize participation in a challenging economic climate, GC’12 will now be hosted at the beautiful facilities of UMASS Boston Campus Center and the adjacent John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security at UMASS Boston will assume GC’12 administration and management responsibility from Battelle Memorial Institute who ably provided Conference administration to the point of opening registration. We are pleased to acknowledge the continued support of Battelle Memorial Institute as a GC’12 Diamond Sponsor valued supporter. GC’12 registration will open mid-January 2012.  For more information, visit

October 13, 2010
by The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security (CIOCS)

NCSE Hosts 11th Annual Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment

CIOCS would like to inform you of the following NCSE Conference, at which CIOCS Executive Director Robbin Peach will lead a session on food security. The conference will be January 19-21, 2011, in Washington, DC. Read on or see the Conference Website for more details.

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE)’s 11th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment: Our Changing Oceans will provide a forum to address the crisis facing our oceans, new knowledge and innovative tools to effectively face this challenge, and the policy and governance needed to restore and protect the oceans.

The conference will bring together over 1,200 scientists, professionals, policy makers, university faculty and students, and educated citizens from a wide range of backgrounds to share their perspectives and develop action-oriented recommendations, new initiatives and other outcomes to improve our stewardship of oceans and their resources.

As a conference attendee, you will be an active participant in developing significant and meaningful outcomes.  You will also enjoy opportunities to network and develop new partnerships and collaborations with a wide array of individuals and institutions at the forefront of connecting science to environmental policy and management. This is a one-of-a kind conference with a devoted following and limited space.

The first day will be devoted to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and its aftermath with prominent speakers from government, industry, science, conservation and affected communities. Days two and three will address eight topic areas:

 1. Oceans and Carbon
 2. Coastal Ocean Change and Potential for Adaptation
 3. Oceans and Living Marine Ecosystems
 4. Oceans and Human Health
 5. Oceans Affect Everyone
 6. Tipping Points
 7. White Arctic/Blue Arctic
 8. Observing and Measuring Ocean Changes for Improved Stewardship 

These themes are woven through key note addresses, plenary sessions, symposia and breakout sessions with diverse expert speakers.

See the Conference Website for a detailed agenda and to download the Conference Brochure. Click Here to Register. Reminder: Early Bird Registration Ends October 15, 2010

Waves of Change Ocean Expo
The Waves of Change Expo is a platform to spotlight cutting-edge programs and initiatives on ocean science, conservation and education to a broad range of attendees.  The two-day expo will be held in the Atrium of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC, January 20-21, 2011. For more info and to sign up, please see the
Waves of Change Ocean Expo page.

Call for Collaborators
Each year, NCSE’s National Conference partners with a diversity of organizations, companies and agencies to extend conference outreach to increasingly broad communities. If you would be interested in collaborating on this level, please fill out the online
Collaborators Application and NCSE will be in touch soon.  

Other Speakers to date:
John Amos, SkyTruth
Don Anderson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Dan Ayers, Former Executive Director of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustees Council
Reginald Beach, NOAA
Michael Beck, The Nature Conservancy
Linda Birnbaum, National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
Don Boesch, University of Maryland
Rusty Brainard, NOAA
John Bruno, University of North Carolina
Meg Caldwell, Stanford University
Tracy Collier, NOAA
Rita Colwell, University of Maryland
Sarah Cooley, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Robert Corell, Global Environment and Technology Foundation
Rita Curtis, NOAA/OSTP
J. Emmett Duffy, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Juliet Eilpren, The Washington Post
Kim Loch Fletcher, Abt Associates
Sherri Goodman, Center for Naval Analysis, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense
Kelly Goodwin, NOAA
Hilary Goodwin, Consortium for Ocean Leadership
Jessica Grannis, Georgetown University
Andrew Gude, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
John Guinotte, Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Carlos Gutierrez, Former Secretary of Commerce and CEO of Kellogg
Lynne Hale, The Nature Conservancy
Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt
Kevin Hassett, American Enterprise Institute
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, The University of Queensland
Jack Kaye, NASA
Geraldine Knatz, Port of Los Angeles
Nancy Knowlton, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Margaret Leinen, Climate Response Fund
Bill Lipscomb, Los Alamos National Lab
Tony MacDonald, Monmouth University
Amber Mace, California Ocean Protection Council
Marcia McNutt, USGS
Tony Michaels, Proteus Environmental Technologies
Ed Miles, University of Washington
Erik Milito, American Petroleum Institute
Lance Morgan, Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Steven Murowski, NOAA Fisheries
Elliott Norse, Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Mary O’Connor, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
Edward Overton, Louisiana State University
Robbin Peach, UMass Boston
Charles “Pete” Peterson, University of North Carolina
Steward Pickett, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Andrew Revkin, New York Times
Anthony J. Richardson, CSIRO and Atmospheric Research
Andy Rosenberg, Conservation International
Mary Ruckelshaus, NOAA Fisheries
Stuart Sandin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Lynn Scarlett, Resources for the Future
Heidi Sosik, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Mark J. Spalding, The Ocean Foundation
James Tripp, Environmental Defense Fund
Juli Trtanj, NOAA
Wes Tunnell, Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Brad Warren, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
David Yoskowitz, Texas A&M University


About the National Council for Science and the Environment
NCSE specializes in programs that bring together diverse individuals, institutions and communities to collaborate. We work closely with the many communities creating and using environmental knowledge to make and shape environmental decisions, including research, education, environmental, and business organizations as well as governmental bodies at all levels.

While an advocate for science and its use, NCSE does not take positions on environmental outcomes. In this sense it is different from traditional environmental groups. As an organization that is strongly focused rooted in the real-world decisionmaking, it is different from traditional scientific organizations. NCSE is motivated above all by a commitment to use science to achieve solutions to the environmental challenges facing humanity.


To get more info on events and other news, sign up for the CIOCS listserv by emailing


September 27, 2010
by The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security (CIOCS)

Campus Events on Women, Water, and the Exploration of Conflict

Part of the mission of the Collaborative Institute is to "strengthen the understanding between the connections of ocean, climate and security issues through convening, facilitating, educating and communicating." To promote this understanding and on behalf of several campus organizations, we’d like to draw your attention to several upcoming events hosted on the UMass Boston campus concerning these very topics. 

October 2
UMass Boston is hosting a film and water symposium "Let’s Talk About Water" on Saturday, October 2, 2010, in the Campus Center Ballroom, starting at 10 am. The film "Flow" by Irena Salina will be shown, followed by a discussion with a panel of experts, including Jan Schlictmann of "A Civil Action." Students, faculty, and staff all welcome and will provide a great opportunity for students to learn about careers in water. Admission is free; lunch will be provided.

October 4
The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights and the Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance present "Gendering War and International Security," a lecture with J. Ann Tickner, Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California Los Angeles. This conference will be held Monday October 4, from 4:00-6:00 pm, in the Campus Center, Room 3540. Refreshments will be served. RSVP by Friday, October 1 at 

October 22-23
Registration is now open for "Conflict Studies: The New Generation of Ideas," which will take place Friday, October 22, and Saturday, October 23 in UMass Boston Campus Center. This is the eighth biennial conference for graduate students studying conflict hosted by the UMass Boston Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution. This conference brings together graduate students from a variety of fields to present their work and share ideas. Twenty-one countries are represented in the paper presentation submissions for this year’s conference. 



June 29, 2010
by The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security (CIOCS)

Collaborative Institute on Capitol Hill

Coinciding with Capitol Hill Oceans Week, sponsored by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, CIOCS executive co-chairs, College of Science and Mathematics Dean Andrew Grosovsky and McCormack Graduate School for Policy Studies Dean Steve Crosby, and CIOCS Executive Director Robbin Peach met with legislative representatives from the offices of Congressmen Lynch and Delahunt and Senator Kerry, in Washington DC on June 9th. The CIOCS team presented an overview of the Institute and it’s vital role in preparing Massachusetts for one of our nation’s most imminent, yet least understood, problems: the human and national security implications of our rapidly changing climate on marine ecosystems and economies. The meetings were well received and the offices look forward to working with us. 

In addition to attending the Capitol Hill Oceans Week events and meeting with Massachussetts Congressional Delegates’ offices, members of CIOCS’ Council of Advisors also attended their first informal meeting. Speaking to the question "what is our main objective," Advisors, Steering Committee members, representatives from our Signature Collaborator  Battelle, and current and future UMass Boston faculty offered their expertise on the interlocking issues of oceans, climate, and security. As Council of Advisors member Fred Byus expressed, "There are inflection points in history when ‘new’ thinking is required to allow human kind to evolve and adapt– Now is one of those times."

Following the Council of Advisors meeting, collaborators, Congressional staffers, and others from the marine policy world joined the group for an evening reception on the roof of the UMass Office of Federal Relations.  With the dome of the Capitol and the Washington Memorial in the background, the Collaborative Institute ended its inaugural trip to DC with greater understanding of the work ahead. 

To view images from the Council of Advisors Meeting and Reception, visit our Flickr site at



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