Film Review: My Favorite Wife (1940)

By: Victoria Standeven

This is one of the cutest movies I have ever seen in a long time. Irene Dunne is perfect as the long lost thought dead wife who comes back while Cary Grant is at his charming and comic best! Gail Patrick is perfect as the other woman whom Grant must break the news to. It is snappy, breezy, and charming and is one of Dunne and Grant’s best.

The film was a big hit and was the 12th highest grossing film of 1940(IMDB.COM). It was released on May 17, 1940(IMDB.COM) and Leo McCarey was supposed to direct the film, but he got into a serious car crash and was unable to direct so he asked his friend Garson Kanin to direct the film (IMDB.COM). Grant and Dunne are a perfect couple in this movie, and they are such fun to watch. Their chemistry is so good that the first time I watched this I thought they were actually a married couple!

If I were to give this film a rating I would give it an A+ because all of the actors, not just the two leads are excellent in this film are outstanding, and the story is funny. I myself, love sitting down and watching great Cary Grant films and this one did not disappoint; I have yet to see a poor film of his! You don’t even have to be a Cary Grant or a classic film fan to enjoy this! Watch if you need a good laugh! Enjoy!


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