Alfred Hitchcock: Women and Suspense


After reviewing Christopher Nolan’s unique style of directing in the previous post, we were curious as to what made some of Hollywood’s other famous directors rise to fame. What about their style made their films stand out from others? Why did so many people love them?

Alfred Hitchcock’s films are regarded as some of the greatest cinematic pieces of his time, and of all time. Much like Nolan, he constantly used elements of mystery to stupefy his audiences. He consistently used suspense to create a feeling of anxiety in his viewers.

Hitchcock also adds misogynistic ideals within his pieces, hoping that his audiences feel sympathy toward the leading females in his movies. He uses “cinematography, mis en scene, and narrative” to help do so. (“Alfred Hitchcock – CINE 201 Video Essay”, Meagen Colon)

Watch this video essay, beautifully put together by UMass Boston student Meagen Colon, to find out the specifics of Hitchcock’s style with examples from “Blackmail” (1929) and “Rebecca” (1940)!

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