The Bio Worksheet

The “Bio Worksheet” was developed at UMass Boston to organize and document the research being undertaken on each of the more than 1,100 men who participated in the 1919 Boston Police Strike.  Below are some files that students, genealogists and teachers can use to familiarize themselves with the biographical worksheet.

Those interested in understanding the worksheet are invited to download and fill in a “blank” worksheet, and then compare their work with the 3 versions that match the levels of quality control in this project, i.e. the “Started”, “Revised” and “Final” versions.

The Bio Worksheet may be used and adapted for non-commercial purposes with attribution according to the terms of a CC BY-NC-SA license.

Contact with questions.

Officer Blank Worksheet Starter Worksheet Reviewed Worksheet Final Worksheet
Martin J. Lyons  Lyons-Blank  Lyons-Started Lyons – Reviewed   Lyons – FINAL
Festus J. Madden  Madden-Blank  Madden – Started Madden – Reviewed   Madden – FINAL

To join the project research team, enroll in a free, self-paced online course “Doing Biographical Research: the 1919 Boston Police Strike Project” to learn how to use the “Bio Worksheet.” (Already enrolled?  Go to and login to work on the course!)

After completing the course, you may wish to refer to the above files for practice before formally applying to be a volunteer researcher with the 1919 Boston Police Strike Project.  (Details on applying to be a volunteer researcher are available at the end of the course, the module titled “Joining the BP Strike the Project!”.)

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