Several video perspectives on the Boston Police Strike

“Attorney James DeGiacomo talks about the 1919 Boston Police Strike at the Cohasset Public Library.”

“Anarchy in Boston: A Documentary Film by Terry Powers about the events leading up to and surrounding the 1919 Boston Police Strike.”

“A film about the 1919 Boston Police Strike” by Will Freeman

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  1. I was born 14 years after the strike, but my Dad told me he wasn’t able to feed his (then family of a wife and 5 children) on his income.

    I used to question him about leaving the city without a Police presence, so he told me the above.

    Within the past 10 years I read about the Molasses flood and how – it seems- the economy was flourishing with increased salaries in all industries the Police were expected to live on salaries prior to the flood.

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