Bring the Road Show to your Community

Would you like to plan a Road Show in your community?

The application deadline for Mass. Memories Road Show events in 2019 has passed. We will be accepting applications for 2020 in the summer of 2019.  

Please contact Carolyn Goldstein at to learn more about our program and how to prepare a successful application.

The Mass. Memories Road Show organizes two types of Road Shows:

  1. Community Road Shows strive to include residents and other individuals connected to a specific city or town. Organized in cooperation with a variety of local organizations, Community Road Shows invite current and former residents of a given locality to share photographs that reflect their family history or life in the community.
  2. Under certain circumstances, we work with other organizations on Thematic Road Shows which focus on a particular topic or theme that is relevant to Massachusetts history. Thematic Road Shows necessarily cross geographic boundaries, but still stress inclusiveness and welcoming of disparate experiences.


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