It's Christie 2019!

It’s Christie 2019!


Portrait of MeHi, my name is Christie Janvier. I am currently a rising senior in the Boston Public School district. I have been in the Urban Scholars program for 4 years. I love being a part of Urban Scholars because not only do they provide amazing opportunities like MLK Scholars, but it is also a very comfortable, friendly environment. The staff makes great connections with the students and we all sort of become a family.

Before Urban Scholars I was a very timid person who did not like to open up. But over the years, I have met lots of people who I have grown attached to and I learned how to be more of a confident, outgoing person who is able to express their feelings better.

After my senior year, I plan on going to college and pursue a career either in the medical field or being a lawyer, the two things of which I am most interested in. Although, I chose to do the journalism internship because I realized that I also have an interest in writing/technology and I wanted to explore it to see where it goes.

I am super excited to be a part of UMass Boston-IT internship to explore more about myself, meet amazing people, and learn new skills that I can use in life.