Good-Bye from Katia Pinto & Helen Adeyemo

Good-Bye from Katia Pinto & Helen Adeyemo

At some point in our lives, we won’t always get what we want. However, those unwanted events or opportunities are what shape our knowledge the most. Therefore, in life, there’s no ending in the desire for education. People tend to believe that the more education you have the more knowledge you gain, and the more knowledgeable you are the more power you have to perceive your desires.

Trying out new things can result in positive outcomes. for example,  Helen and I didn’t know that we would be web publishing interns, but what we have learned throughout our internship is a skill that we somehow and someday will use in the future.

A girl standing by a post

Helen standing by her beautiful college fair poster.

A girl standing besides a tree

Me, posing for a picture on a beautiful sunny day.

Me and Helen at the office

Helen and I work at the office.

We want to thank everyone that has helped us throughout this short summer, especially Lisa for being a great supervisor and an admiring person to us. Also, thank you MLK organization for proving internships to Urban Scholars.