Project REACH: Award Ceremony

Project REACH: Award Ceremony

Project REACH, a TRIO Talent Search Program on the campus of UMass Boston, had its end-of-the-summer celebration on Friday, August 7. The director of the program, Andrea Dawes, welcomed students, staff, and guests to the ceremony.

They were many speeches from past and present participants, staff, and leaders. One of the program’s alumni, Merveil Meyitang, shared how Project REACH helped him become the person he is today by allowing him to express himself. He concluded by stating, “It was a really good experience to be a part of this program.”

After his speech, there was a sideshow of summer highlights which was followed by class presentations, where students depicted what they learned in their English, Biology, and Mathematics classes throughout the summer. Additionally, students performed a choreographed dance for the audience which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

Many participants won certificates and awards for their contribution to the program, which was followed by closing remarks from Andrea Dawes who thanked everyone for another successful year.

Covering Project Reach this summer showed me the magic of what happens when enthusiastic instructors and motivated students come together. The gardening club was the perfect example of combining classroom knowledge with real world experience, which is something that I feel represents the program’s mission as a whole.

It was a pleasure for me, and the rest of the Summer Youth Blog team, to cover Project REACH this summer, and we look forward to seeing them again.