Interview with Juliane Dessaline

Interview with Juliane Dessaline

This summer, I got the opportunity to interview Julianne Dessaline, a current member of both the John Hancock MLK Summer Scholars and the Urban Scholars program. We talked on two separate occasions about topics like: her aspirations, her internship, and her childhood. Check it out:

Anny: Where are you from, Juliane?

Julianne: I am from a little island in the Caribbean called Haiti.

Anny: What school do you go to?

Julianne: I attend TechBoston Academy.

Anny: What job are you doing this summer for the Moakley program and for Urban Scholars?

Julianne: I am an intern for The Marble Collection.

Anny: How are you feeling about working for the first time? What do you do? Who is working with you?

Julianne: I have always wanted to have a job and  to be independent and start taking care of myself. I would be happy doing any decent job but getting to work for an art organization is a bonus for me. I love art and I love to see other people’s creativity and imagination. As an intern, I think I would be involved in getting young artist motivated to join Marble Collection. I worked with some college students from UMass Boston.

Anny: How did you get interested in that job?

Julianne: I love art and that’s how I got interested in that job.

Anny: Are you planning to pursue a career in that field?

Julianne: No, I want to be an architect, but I would still draw and paint as a hobby.

Anny: How did you feel about the John Hancock workshop?

Julianne: I think that they are very motivational, especially since they get young people to find their voice and to stand up for what they believe in.

Anny: What did you learn from the John Hancock MLK workshop?

Julianne: I learn about working hard to pursue my dreams and about equality and fairness.

Anny: Do you feel prepared for college?

Julianne: Academically yes, I feel prepared. But socially, I’m scared of going away and not knowing anyone.

Anny: How can the workshop be improved?

Julianne: I think the workshop could be more fun in a way that students are more active and engaged.

Anny: What do you like to do in your free time?

Julianne: I like to draw, and I like to read novels and anime.

Anny: Why do you love anime?

Julianne: They’re so awesome I want to be them. If I were to be reincarnated, I would want be them. Even when it comes to Shakespeare, I read another version of some of his work in anime. I find them amazing”