Courses and Mentoring

My teaching portfolio includes research methods (undergraduate and graduate), statistics (undergraduate and graduate), the sociology of law (undergraduate and graduate), foundations of applied sociology, complex organizations (graduate), and a team-taught MA research paper seminar, the sociology of homelessness. and a senior seminar on human sociality.

When I teach graduate research methods or mentor graduate students as Research Assistants, I engage students in research projects that infuse the content of particular assignments and job requirements with focus on a practical research question. These projects involve multiple methods and exemplify both the process and goals of applied sociology.  See Applied Research Reports for many examples.

Most recently, graduate assistants are working with me on the BEACON Project with our Center for Survey Research and on the PCORI-funded Comparative Effectiveness Study at Beth Israel Deaconess Health Center. These graduate students have developed from these projects co-authored peer reviewed articles, co-presented papers, and theses and MA research papers.