Research Tip: Getting Unstuck – Research Guides

A frequent occurrence in the early stages of the research process is not knowing where to begin. Healey Library has broken down the 283 databases to which we have subscriptions into subject-specific Research Guides to facilitate an easier introduction to database searching. Instead of having to browse the database list trial-and-error style, the Research Guides organize this material into a one-stop shop for subject-specific resources and recommended databases for each particular field.

The guides have been redesigned to be usable on mobile devices as well as ADA-Compliant. By default, the Research Guides display 29 major disciplines and their sub-categories. Another option for browsing the Research Guides is by selecting “All Guides” up at the top navigation bar. This will display sub-categories as well as class-specific Research Guides requested or created by professors. The “By Type” option divides the guides in to four categories: Course Guides, General Purpose, Subject Guides, and Help.

Research guides by type2
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