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At the beginning of every academic semester I think a lot of us receive emails advertising educational subscriptions to the NY Times; the Wall Street Journal, and other newspapers.   For many courses it is imperative to keep up on the daily events in the news, and it is often recommended that students subscribe to these newspapers for the semester. The NY TIMES now offers a digital subscription rate of $1.88 -$4.38 per week depending upon the device one uses to view it.

Two of the best deals for up to date news content are available to UMASS BOSTON affiliates and there is no need to pay the higher price of the educational subscription.

FT app

1) FINANCIAL TIMES: FT on your phone

Healey Library is funding 24/7 access to international and business news with an institutional subscription to the Financial Times.   This subscription allows UMB users to have access to FT on their mobile devices and to receive up to the minute financial data and news from around the world. Users have access to the market data, blogs, and country articles provided in each daily edition of FT. It would be useful to all who are following international news in countries all over the world as well for those following market data from all over the world.


On the Healey Library database page click on the link in the alphabetical listing for “Financial Times-Sign up Page for mobile access”. On this link you create an FT account and you must use your UMB email address. Once you have created your FT account you can go to and use your account information to download FT to your mobile device.    This app is available only at and not through app stores for your operating systems. You may be asked to set up a new account every year which means you would go back to the Healey Library database page. And sign up for mobile access again.


Boston Globe
Boston Globe


2) UMASS BOSTON affiliate subscription to digital Boston Globe for only $10 per year.

You may not be aware that as an affiliate of UMASS BOSTON with a UMASS BOSTON email address you can sign up for a ONE YEAR (not per month, not per semester—but one year) personal subscription to the DIGITAL EDITION OF THE BOSTON GLOBE for just $10.   That’s right, ten dollars; and this is not BOSTON.Com, but the digital version of the print paper. You not only get today’s news but you can look in the archive back to the 1800’s should you choose to, and you may also view the current paper in its print format on your screen if you choose.

The full run of the GLOBE is also available to you for free funded by the Healey Library and located on the Healey Library database page listed under BOSTON GLOBE 1872-present.   You may prefer to use that resource for searching the print content in the GLOBE. However for the $10 mentioned above you can get your personal subscription which will be adaptable for portable devices, provides the “look and feel” of the actual paper, will connect to relevant Globe blogs; and of course send those constant news update emails if you allow that.

You may sign up for the special UMASS BOSTON rate at the following URL:   Be sure to use your UMASS BOSTON email address when asked for email information. This is a great value for all students and staff who need to be current on Massachusetts and New England politics, economics, sports and culture.

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