SRR “That’s Not Writing”


Summary: This piece is about the change in the digital and traditional writing world. She talks about the writing world in a more broad sense, including many types of communities. She then looks into the school context and analyzes the effects of digital writing opposed to traditional writing in the school system. The skills needed to participate in the world today don’t usually match up with the skills taught and emphasized in the school system. Hawley also examines social injustice in the article by bringing up examples of newer teachers who bring in the perspective and experience of writing with digital technology. They were forced to change the way they taught in schools because it didn’t follow traditional ways.

Response: I didn’t really enjoy this piece too much. I understand that digital writing is important in some contexts but it can also be hindering to the people who fall somewhere in between practicing both traditional and digital writing. But I do see how it could cause conflict in the school system because it is a huge transition in the way we learn or teach. I think it is dangerous for schools and operations to be on different pages because students and teachers try to fall somewhere in between which can make the jobs of teachers more difficult and ultimately effect the learning of students. This text definitely connects with other texts we’ve read because it emphasized that some people fall behind in the wave of increased technology for communication.

Reflection: In my experience, I think incorporating digital technology can do more harm than good because it is very messy. Some teachers use blackboard, some don’t. Some teachers require online reading, some require handouts. This inconsistency leaves me feeling scrambled. However, on the other hand I think sometimes it can be helpful. I like taking notes on my computer, I think it is faster and more efficient. But I don’t like having homework assignments on my computer, especially reading. In the school context I don’t think digital literacy should be so emphasized. It’s important to learn how to use digital literacy but I don’t think it should be the sole outlet for reading a writing in the education field.

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  1. The discussion on the evolving writing landscape touches on the broader implications for various communities, including the educational sector. It highlights a misalignment between skills emphasized in schools and those required in the contemporary world. In considering this shift, it becomes evident that adaptation and recognition of diverse writing approaches, including digital methods, are crucial. This perspective aligns with the adaptability and open-mindedness often sought in professionals, including attorneys for bankruptcy, as they navigate a dynamic legal landscape.

  2. While digital writing should not be the only standard used by schools, it is still important academia evolves to catch up with technology as it is evolving.


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  5. In as much as digital writing has its own shortcomings, i think that eventually, we will have no option than to evolve to having it in the school system. Instead of being outtightly against it, i feel we can actually create a framework that can be used for digital adoption in schools etc.


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