Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Julia Jermyn, I am currently a sophomore at UMASS Boston. I just transferred this semester from Clemson University in South Carolina [Go Tigers (-: ].  I am majoring in psychology with the hopes of becoming a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner! One of my biggest passions is traveling and exploring the cultures, people , food, landscapes and architecture of other countries.  I enjoy reading and writing when time permits, and when I don’t feel pressured. For example, I enjoy writing down my thoughts in a journal but don’t necessarily enjoy writing analytical essays about a passage given to me. I enjoy reading a love story or mystery  in bed, or on the beach, but not a book that is chosen for me that I am forced to read. I feel like when reading or writing is pushed down my throat, my appreciation for it decreases. I used to read a lot and thoroughly enjoyed sitting down and reading, however, two years of AP English has wearied me and I find myself not wanting to read for fun anymore. This class seems as though it will help to revive that passion a little bit though so I am excited about this upcoming semester.

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