Reclaiming Humanity in and out of the Cell: Latest issue of the Trotter Review available on ScholarWorks

Gary Little, mentor coordinator at Span, Inc., (center) makes a forceful point during a discussion on prisoner reentry issues, held at the Boston Center for the Arts. Other participants, from left, were moderator Andrea Cabral, then sheriff of Suffolk County; Daniel Cordon, director of transitional employment at Haley House; Lyn Levy, founder and executive director of Span, Inc.; and Janet Rodriguez, founding president and CEO of SoHarlem in New York. The panelists spoke from the stage where a play about the trials of reentering society after incarceration was being performed in the fall of 2012. Photo courtesy of Boston Center for the Arts.

The most recent issue of the Trotter Review, which focuses on the impact of incarceration on prisoners and their families after they are released, is now available on ScholarWorks, the open access institutional repository for scholarship and research out of UMass Boston.

The Trotter Review has been published since 1987 by the William Monroe Trotter Institute at UMass Boston.

Apart from an introduction by Barbara Lewis, director of the Trotter Institute at UMass Boston, and the proceedings of a community forum featuring Andrea J. Cabral, Daniel Cordon, Lyn Levy, Gary Little, and Janet Rodriguez, the contents of this issue, titled “Reclaiming Humanity in and out of the Cell,” include:

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