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MANDATORY Government Clearance for Initial Students



United States immigration law requires all F-1 international students to physically register presence at the university they will attend in the U.S. Mandatory Immigration Clearance is mandatory. ISSS must review your immigration documents to confirm you were admitted in F-1 status and eligible for full-time study. Failure to report to a session will result in the termination of your SEVIS record for ‘failure to report.’

At mandatory immigration clearance ISSS will collect and review your immigration documents. You must bring photocopies of:

  • Copy of your U.S. visa stamp
  • Copy of your Port of Entry Stamp in your Passport (in place of the I-94 card that is no longer in use)
  • Copy of UMASS Boston Form I-20 with your signature
  • (If you renewed your passport since time of application, copy of passport ID pages)

At Mandatory Immigration Clearance you will view a short SEVIS presentation (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) and have the chance to ask questions. It will provide you with valuable information that you will need to ensure compliance with U.S. immigration regulations throughout your stay in the U.S. and inform you of the various benefits available to you in F-1 status.

NOTE: Your F-1 visa status allows new initial students to enter the US 30 days prior to the start date. SEVIS transfer students from one US institution to UMASS Boston can enter the US at any time between the end date of the previous program and the start date of the UMASS program provided the same SEVIS record is active. You should plan to be in the US at least one to two weeks prior to the start of classes.



Wednesday, Aug. 14th – 2 to 3
Thursday, August 22nd – 2 to 3
Monday, August 19th – 10 to 11
Friday, August 23rd – 3 to 4
Tuesday, August 20th – 11 to 12
Monday, August 26th – 10 to 11
Wednesday, August 21st – 1 to 2
Tuesday, August 27th – 11 to 12

In Review:

You must attend ONE session listed above AND hand in the required photo copies. If you do not, your record will be terminated and you will be out of status. 

Students who must attend are: brand new students to the US, students who are new to UMASS Boston and students who are returning to the US on a new SEVIS number. 


  1. Due to previously made travel plans to the U.S, my parents and I are arriving to the U.S on 28 August.
    Can I arrange for the mandatory clearence on the 29th or after?

    • Yes! If you miss the Clearance dates you can come to the International Student and Scholar Services office in Campus Center 2100 to hand in the required documents. You will miss the presentation given at the Clearance but we still need the documents. Safe travels!

  2. I’ll reach Boston on 24th so I’ll be able to attend one of the last 2 sessions taking place on 26th n 27th August.
    I hope not being able to attend one of the previous sessions won’t be a problem.

  3. Hello Sir;
    Due to priveously made travel plans i will be arriving to U.S. on 27th afternoon. Can I arrange for the mandatory clearence on the 28th or after? As it will not be possible for me to attend it on 27th.


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