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Immigration Tip: Keep Your Documents on Your Smart Phone

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Did you know that under immigration regulations, all visa holders must be prepared to present proof of their legal status at any time within 100 miles of a United States port of entry? For those of us in New England, that means almost everywhere!

Most students don’t like to carry their passports, I-20s and I-94 cards everywhere they go because things can get lost so how can you be prepared if you are ever stopped and asked to show your immigration documents? Keep them on your smart phone!

Most people have smart phones with great cameras now. What you should do is take a clear photo of each document and store it on your phone. If you travel or get a new I-20, make sure you take a picture right away. This way you will have proof of your entire immigration history right at your finger tips.

Documents to photograph:


F-1 Visa

I-94 card FRONT and BACK

I-20s pages 1 and 3

Any EAD work cards


Bonus Tip:

If you have photos of your I-20 on your phone, you will always be able to find your SEVIS number if you are asked by ISSS!



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  1. And of course change your settings to lock your phone, losing something will valuable information sucks

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