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To check the database for a specific person, enter known information into the appropriate field below, then click on the “Search” button.  A few tips: entering fewer fields is more likely to yield results than filling in lots of fields!  Try just the surname, or just the surname and given name. Try variant spellings. The “%” character is a wildcard; for instance Don%h%e will find both Donahue and Donohoe. You can sort by clicking on column headings.

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  1. In my great grandfathers obit it says that he was vice chief ranger of John Henry Newman Court, M C O F (1938) his name was Joseph M O’Keefe, is there any information on him? Site does not show his name coming up.
    Thank you, Diane

  2. Hi. I can’t seem to find the list that contains the names of the people to see if my ancestors are on it. I only see the form to request the copies but not the actual list.

    • Hi Carolyn – if you use the form to search for your ancestors, a list will come back showing the name, Foresters Court# and Death Claim Number for each person found with that name. Or, you can just press “Search” without filling in any of the boxes and a list of all the records will be shown (but it’s a long list: 35,686 records!) Hope this helps. If not, please e-mail for further assistance.

  3. I am seeking information on my great aunt Catherine Ahern Mahoney. She was a member of St Genevieve Court No 135 Brighton. She died on Jan 1, 1938. I searched the files and did not get her name.

    • Hi James, I searched our Foresters records, and unfortunately we do not hold a mortuary record for Catherine Ahern Mahoney of St. Genevieve Court. There are two Catherine A. Mahoneys, but they died in different years, and there is a Catherine Ahern who died in 1938, but she belonged to a different court. Please email us at with any questions or for further assistance. Thank you!

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