REACH into Your Creativity

REACH into Your Creativity

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.”
― Brenda Ueland

This past week at Talent Search/Project REACH I had the pleasure of meeting the students and catching them in their prime.

There were multiple workshops going on, such as: Dance, Art, Carpentry and Music/Chess.

That week was also Spirit Week, and it had been Wacky Wednesday when I went in to photograph the students.

I was able to see young minds at work, which is such a sight because these kids really are the future of the communities we reside in.

A group of students in formation.

The dance workshop was a complete blast, it was like walking into a room that was labeled “Creativity”. The girls never stopped moving, coming up with ideas for their dances within a snap of a finger.

Two students dancing

You could see the hard work they were putting into the routine, which is for their end of the summer ceremony.

Two students dancing

In the Art workshop, the students were expressing themselves through various forms of art; Some of which involved creating pieces with aluminum foil and markers.

Tin foil art. Tin foil art.

Others were using paper, clue and wire pipe cleaners.

Glue and wire cleaner art. Glue and wire cleaner art. Glue and wire cleaner art. Glue and wire cleaner art.

Even just paper and a sharpie. Expression has no limits.

Sharpie art.

Then over in the Carpentry workshop things got super serious.

Student measuring a plank of wood.Planks of wood, rested together.

Students were working to create a tool box out of planks of wood using real tools.

Tools. Student being assisted in the making of a tool box.

Unlike what most adult perceive of students/children, they were beyond mature and knew exactly how to handle themselves around tools that aren’t exactly the safest.

They were really enjoying themselves, maybe even enough to bring forth future Carpenters.

Student posing for the camera.

In the Music and Chess room, it was relaxing.

You had students laughing and playing tic tac toe.

Group of students playing tic tac toe.

Other sitting around tables playing chess, may the best “Queen” win.

Students playing chess. Students playing chess. Students playing chess.

Over at the computer, there were students Dj’ing which was by far the most important part. They’re the ones keeping the fun, lighthearted mood. Without music you’d be stuck in an awkward silence, no body likes that, especially not kids trying to have fun.

Students Dj'ing for the workshop.

Here are a few images of the Project Reach’ers who participated in Wacky Wednesday:

Wacky Wednesday group.

Wacky Wednesday Group.