Urban Scholars role plays as Admissions

Urban Scholars role plays as Admissions

The third to last day of the program, rising seniors in the Urban Scholars program from Naomi’s College Seminar class present to the program and the UMass Boston community what they have learned from the class in regards to how college breaks down the way they present themselves.

Students all stand by or in front of the poster boards, observing the work of their peers in the atmosphere.

Underclassmen in the program play as incoming first year students at each table, learning about each college and inserting five tickets to the college they like the best.

Student stands on the right of her "Boston College Poster" smiling.

Cassandra, rising senior at the Dearborne stands proudly next to her Boston College poster board!

Student wearing floral shirt stands next to her College poster "Clark"

Tessa, a rising senior at Tech Boston represents Clark!

Naomi stands next to the box of colleges

Next to Naomi are colorful boxes of colleges students.

Which college do you hope to see?