Urban Scholars Program Goes to New England College of Optometry (NECO)

Urban Scholars Program Goes to New England College of Optometry (NECO)


Urban Scholars enter New England College of Optometry

Urban Scholars enter New England College of Optometry

On the second Friday of the Urban Scholars program, four TA’s, 30 students and the program director went to the New England College of Optometry (NECO). The Urban Scholars program arrived at the campus around 2:25 PM and were welcomed with lunch, a presentation and a little bit of a job shadowing lesson from current students.

A pool of students are watching Dr. Maureen sit on the stool explain the operation of the slit lamp

Dr. Maureen Hanley demonstrated to students how the slit lamp works before she let them explore by themselves.

On a large screen above the o

Students got a close-up view of an Orange Team captain’s cornea.

After Dr. Maureen examined Cristina’s eyes, students were broken up into small groups at the different stations (also known as bays) in the lab. The Urban Scholar students were paired with optometry students to reinforce what was just learned in the presentation and put it to use.

Students got to explore two bays, that focused on:

  1. The Entrance Test
  2. The Structure of The Eyes

The Entrance Test consisted of examining:

  • Patient’s Vision
  • Patient’s Color Vision 
  • Patient’s Eye muscle
  • Patient’s Pupil
Scholars sits in chair and plays patient while second student stands up and introduces himself as doctor.

Before the Urban Scholar students play doctor and patient, one of the scholars had to introduce themselves as the doctor. First they test the patient’s myopic and hyperopic vision based off of the Egger’s Chart.

Ailton sits back with pen in his right hand making number gesture with his pen to show Francilliana where he sees a number.

Francilliana puts on her doctor coat and tests Ailton using the Ishihara test. The Ishihara test allows doctors to see if the patient has difficulties seeing color.

Optometry holds flashlight close to eye.

An optometry student shows Urban Scholar Student how to test eye muscle using a flashlight. The purpose of this test is to make sure that both eyes are functioning at the same rate.

Student sits in the chair as patient while other student raises flash light to test eye muscle.

Students have the opportunity to test out each other’s eye muscles using a flashlight.

Two female Urban Scholars look through the slit lamp, while Darny the TA stand on the side observing optometry student explain the slit lamp exam.

An optometry student teaches the young women how to use the slit lamp! #WomenInSTEM #EducationEmpowers

Screen hanging from wall shows half bloody eye from Iris and below.

Interesting fact: Students learned that if you sneeze too hard, it may cause blood vessels break in your eye!

An Urban Scholars student in lab coat

Yves tries a lab coat on for size.

Screening of a student's eye

Screening of a student’s eye! Will we see you next time?