Project ALERTA: Art of the Human Body

Project ALERTA: Art of the Human Body

On July 29, I visited three Project ALERTA classes where  students were working on a project in human anatomy. In the first classroom, Brandon and Monique commented they had lots of fun making their hearts and even laughed about how their hearts “look like Mickey Mouse.”

In the second classroom, Chantal was working hard glueing and drawing a model of a neuron. She told me about the many functions of the neuron and how important it is to the human brain. “The neurons are all over the brain, they help your body feel and there are a lot of them because new ones are made almost everyday.”

In the last classroom, Kayllyn and other students worked on a banner covered in hearts and other parts of the circulatory and nervous system. “I thought the heart would look different” Kayllyn said, “It has so many tubes that pump blood to our whole body.”

As I left the three classes, I couldn’t help but feel like I knew a bit more about the human body and I was looking forward to seeing their finished projects.


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