Summer Transportation Institute: 2015

Summer Transportation Institute: 2015

Summer Transportation Institute (STI), a youth program here at UMass Boston, allows high school-aged students to explore the possibilities of a career in the transportation industry. During this four-week program students will cover four different sections of the transportation industry, and explore what’s needed to run these sections as well as the science behind the technology that keeps these industries up and running.

New additions this year include group presentations on Friday where the students work in teams to build something related to that week’s theme. One of the major subjects this summer is the wind process and how wind can be used in travel. Students are expected to build paper airplanes with propellers, which they will present to each other at the end of their wind industry week. According to Stephanie, a participant in the program: “I review physics stuff from the school year here at STI through the projects we do. It helps me not forget all the basics of physics from the school year which helps since I am taking AP Physics in the fall .”

Students this year will additionally be attending their yearly Logan International Airport field trip. Another opportunity students have at STI is the chance to visit Massachusetts Maritime Academy to study their day-to-day operations.

Students are now required to integrate a digital binder via Google groups/docs into their daily activities to not only keep track of the program’s events, but also to get them accustomed to using technology in their daily lives.

I am excited to report on this program, and I wish them luck on having an amazing summer. It is my pleasure and honor to welcome them back.