This student is taking notes in their social studies class.

Project REACH: A Day In The Life

On Monday, July 28, I got to follow Project REACH students around for an entire day. I documented their activities as they took classes in Math, English, and Social Studies. When I joined them in their social studies class, I discovered students were learning about the Boston Massacre and they were viewing photos which depicted different perspectives of the event.

The most interesting course was English, where students were reading The Odyssey, learning Latin, and counting with Roman numerals. The class has a motto: Carpe Diem! Work Smarter, Play Harder. Their teacher also seemed very enthusiastic to teach them.

The last class of the day was gardening, nutrition, and health. In this course, students are learning the importance of eating healthy, and the value of managing their caloric intake. This class  also includes trips to the program’s community garden, where students are growing their own vegetables and learning about the value of home grown products.

I was blown away with the courses that these students got to take over the summer. I never got to take a class that incorporated gardening, and I think the idea is very creative and forward thinking. I enjoyed my day with the Project REACH students and I know that they enjoyed having me as well. I wish them all good luck as they carry on with the rest of their studies.