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Tutoring- Fall 2021

ATTENTION: Please note that the URL for our registration and scheduling platform has changed.

Here’s the new link:  https://requesttutor.cs.umb.edu/oats

The Subject Tutoring Program offers one-to-one and drop-in peer tutoring in many 100 and 200-level courses in the College of Science and Mathematics, the College of Liberal Arts, and in the School for the Environment.  The FAQs below provide students with information and guidelines for signing up, requesting and scheduling tutoring.  

Identifying Tutoring Formats and Scheduling Tutoring  FAQs 

Is tutoring offered for my course?  If so, how is tutoring offered for my course? 

You can determine if the Subject Tutoring Program (STP) offers tutoring for your course AND determine the format of tutoring through which your course is tutored by visiting the page of this blog titled  Subject Tutoring Program: Courses For Which Tutoring Offered.   You can learn more details regarding the different tutoring formats on the Tutoring Request Guide. 

When can I sign up for tutoring? 

 Start dates for requesting tutoring for courses tutored in the semester format, scheduling appointments for courses tutored in the weekly format, and the date when tutoring will begin are available on the blog page titled Subject Tutoring Program: Courses For Which Tutoring Offered.  Students are encouraged to sign up early in the semester; however, students may sign up for tutoring any time throughout the semester until the final day of classes for the term 

Students request semester tutoring and or make appointments for weekly tutoring within the Online Application for Tutoring System (OATS) system.  (See further details below regarding the use of OATS accounts.) 

How do I sign up for tutoring?  

 If you are seeking tutoring for a course tutored by the Subject Tutoring Program through either the semester or weekly format, please create an Online Application for Tutoring System (OATS) account, or log into the OATS account you may have created and used in the past.  NOTE:   You do not need to use an OATS account to participate in Subject Tutoring Program Drop-In tutoring sessions; instead see Drop-In Tutoring: List of Courses and Schedule for the Current Semester for the days/times when Drop-In tutoring sessions are scheduled for your course.  

 After visiting  Subject Tutoring Program: Courses For Which Tutoring Is Offeredyou will have determined the tutoring format through which tutoring for your course is offered:  Assuming that your course is not tutored through the Drop-In session format, please log into OATS to accomplish one of the following: 

  • If your course is tutored through the weekly tutoring format, book an available appointment through the “Weekly Tutoring” option in OATS 
  • If your course is tutored through the semester tutoring format, request a tutor through the “Semester Tutor” option in OATS. 

 How do I meet with my tutor? 

For courses tutored in the semester format, you will receive a confirmation email sent via OATS when in OATS you request a semester tutor for a specific course.  You and your semester tutor will determine the day and time (M-F, between 8am and 8pm) when you will meet in a specific, agreed upon public location on campus.

For courses tutored in the weekly format, each time you book a weekly tutoring appointment in OATS, OATS will send you an email message. On the schedule day and time of your tutoring appointment, you should come to the Subject Tutoring Program headquarters on the 8th floor of the Healey Library, UMass campus, to meet and work with the tutor with whom the appointment was booked.

Contact tutoringprogram@umb.edu with any questions 

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