Welcome to the Subject Tutoring Program

Tutoring in Spring 2023

This Spring, the Subject Tutoring Program will offer tutoring for many 100 and 200-level courses in the College of Science and Mathematics, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and in the School for the Environment.  The pages and documents linked to below provide students with information and guidelines for signing up, requesting and scheduling tutoring.  

Tutoring through the Subject Tutoring Program will begin on Monday, February 6, 2023 (four business days after this semester’s add/drop deadline).

The document titled Subject Tutoring Program: Courses for which tutoring is offered provides a list of courses for which the Subject Tutoring Program provides tutoring in one or both of two primary formats, Semester Tutoring and Weekly Tutoring. The blog page notes the format(s) of tutoring through which each course is tutored and provides further notations in cases in which courses are supported through multiple formats.  

The document titled Drop-In Tutoring: List of Courses and Schedule for the Current Semester provides the schedule of days/times when tutoring is offered for courses tutored through the format of Drop-In tutoring, a format that requires no requests for tutoring nor appointment booking. Some Drop-In tutoring sessions are campus-based and conducted in-person while other sessions are offered online (with the delivery mode designated on a session-by-session basis). 

Please contacttutoringprogram@umb.eduwith any questions.

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