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XAP- Xcelerated Action Program for Women 

in partnership with Year of Action

XAP - Xcelerated Action Program for Women

We help organizations pave the way for women to succeed today.

The XAP – Xcelerated Action Program for Women teaches business skills, confidence and action steps needed for success in the innovation economy.

Ideal for high-potential women and women who want to boost their career to the next level. We help unlock your confidence and skills, allowing for improved clarity, and more impactful results.



The Entrepreneurship Center and the VDC – Venture Development Center

3rd Floor Wheatley Building

XAP - Xcelerated Action Program - for women

Helping Companies Close the Gender Gap – Faster

XAPXcelerated Action Program for women – teaches the business essentials needed to succeed in an innovation economy. Ideal for high potential women and women who want to boost their career to the next level.

Get more confidence, more focus and more results.

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Launching Your Life Workshops



The business of “you” 
We will teach you how to apply the same techniques used in launching a successful business, to help you in “launching your life” – throughout the different stages of your career. Learn how to create the successful business of YOU.

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Learn. Practice. Launch. 

Collaborating to succeed in the innovation economy.

Learn: Take classes in entrepreneurship and innovative thinking from the College of Management and in the new entrepreneurship concentration

Practice:  Put your skills to use with hands-on programs delivered through the Entrepreneurship Center

Launch:  Launch your business at the VDC – Venture Development Center

Three entities working together for your success

The Entrepreneurship Center at UMass Boston College of Management

We are pioneering an Entrepreneurship 2.0 movement – making entrepreneurial skills something you can use in any career.

We partner with Academic Programs and the Venture Development Center in a Learn, Practice, Launch approach to entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.

The Entrepreneurship Center is a safe place to practice your new skills and test the waters of entrepreneurship.  We host a number of events and hands-on programs to help you discover your inner entrepreneur and develop an innovative mindset.

Visit us at the Venture Development Center (VDC) – 3rd Floor of the Wheatley Building.

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