Global Governance and Human Security PhD Program

Resources for GGHS PhD community members


Dear Students, 

Welcome to the Global Governance and Human Security (GGHS) PhD program! This program combines interdisciplinary knowledge and hands-on research experience to enable scholars to become creative global problem solvers. The program focuses on providing academic, research, and professional support so students can produce solutions that matter most to individuals, communities, and nations. Topics range from economic welfare and human development, ecological sustainability, peace, public health, education, human rights and political freedom, and the interrelationships among them. 

During your study in GGHS program, we aim to provide courses and experiences as the platform for building a solid theoretical foundation in the concepts of global governance and human security, and in the range of actors, systems, and patterns that comprise the increasingly dynamic global system. You will develop the ability to identify, assess, and address current and emerging human security issues in their geopolitical and governance contexts. You will gain advanced academic skills in interdisciplinary research methods and design and develop intellectual leadership as academics, researchers, or practitioners. 

This student handbook is a one-stop platform for information about university policies, academic requirements, student life, resources and support available for you, and more. Please familiarize yourself with the content of this handbook and continue to use this guide as reference during your studies. Our community will also work to ensure that you receive the guidance and resources you need. Faculty members and staff will assist you with further questions that might not be answered in this document.  

Graduate Program Director,
Global Governance and Human Security PhD

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