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Supporting materials for the Textbook VIA LATINA (M.L. Aguilar & J. Tárrega, Ed. Cultura Clásica 2022)


Here you will find supporting materials for the textbook VIA LATINA, written by María Luisa Aguilar and Jorge Tárrega (Cultura Clásica, 2022). It is a collection of texts on Roman Mythology and History adapted to the first three chapters of the book. Furthermore, these folders contain a bunch of SLA-based exercises covering audios, paintings, descriptions, etc.

All materials have been created by UMass Boston graduate student Elizabeth Fitting. This project has been funded by a UMass Boston College of Liberal Arts Pedagogical Innovation Award. It was supervised by Professors Christopher Cochran, Diane Anderson, and Jorge Tárrega.

For any questions regarding these materials, please reach out to

Feel free to use all texts and exercises in your classes.

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