Welcome to the Subject Tutoring Program -Spring 19!

Tutoring will begin on :  Monday, February 11
 Weekly tutoring is offered for 100 -200 courses in the following subject areas, dependent on tutor availability:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Math
Registration for these course areas will open on OATS on Friday,  February 8 .
For most of these courses, students book one-on-one tutoring appointments on OATS (http://requesttutor.cs.umb.edu:8080/oats/).
These are one-time appointments; students must book a new appointment each time they want to see a tutor.
Some courses may offer drop-in group tutoring only (i.e. Bio 208 and Chem 130).
Students may work with a tutor for one hour per week, per course.
Semester tutoring is offered for 100 -200 courses in the following subject areas,  dependent on tutor availability: 
    •  All foreign languages
    • Environmental Sciences/Studies
    • Logic (Philosophy 120)
    • Music
    • Psychology
Registration for these courses will open on OATS on Thursday, February 7.
For semester tutoring, students submit a request through OATS (http://requesttutor.cs.umb.edu:8080/oats/) and are then assigned to a one-on-one tutor with whom they schedule appointments directly via email.
Once assigned to a tutor, students can meet with them throughout the semester and do not need to submit another OATS request (unless for a different course).
Turnaround time between submitting a request and meeting with a tutor is usually a few days, so students should sign up early.
Students may work with a tutor for one hour per week, per course. 
Tutoring Overview
  • Tutoring eligibility – In order to receive tutoring, the only requirement is that a student must be officially enrolled in the course in which they wish to receive tutoring. Tutoring is free for students.
  • Peer tutoring – Both of our programs are peer tutoring programs, meaning that the tutors are undergraduate students who have successfully completed the course and been recommended by their professor. We rely on faculty recommendations in order to hire new tutors.
  • Tutor availability – We hire new tutors throughout the semester in response to student demand and faculty recommendations, so tutoring availability in some courses may vary at different points in the semester.
  • Signing up for tutoring – We use an online system called OATS for students to request and schedule tutoring (http://requesttutor.cs.umb.edu:8080/oats/). Students can access OATS online or come to the tutoring center on the 8th floor of Healey Library to have a staff member assist them with the process.
  • Working with a tutor –Students should come prepared to tutoring sessions with their textbook, notes, and any other materials they need. Tutors cannot help students with graded assignments, including take-home exams.
Other resources on campusPlease note that our programs are not an umbrella for all tutoring services on campus.
  • For courses in the College of Liberal Arts that we do not serve, we usually direct students to the Reading, Writing and Study Strategies Center (RWSSC).
  • Many campus departments and programs offer their own tutoring – for instance, the English and Physics departments coordinate their own tutoring, as does the College of Management.
  • The College of Science and Math’s Student Success Center offers Supplemental Instruction (SI) for many of the Biology, Chemistry, Math and Computer Science courses for which we also offer one-on-one tutoring.
  • There are also some 100- and 200-level courses for which the faculty are not able to recruit tutors or have opted not to recommend tutors for our programs.



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