K12 Technology and Pedagogy Workshops

Weblogs for partipants in K12 workshops

TechTools for Teaching and Learning

Can Technology help you learn all languages?
How Hard is Chinese to Learn
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Diigo, has powerful features to prepare for new classes, collaborate with colleagues, and guide students in developing solid research and learning skills. 
Get an educational account.  ou can also check out FAQ <http://help.diigo.com/teacher-account/faq>  and Getting Started <http://help.diigo.com/teacher-account/getting-started>  tutorial for Diigo Educator Accounts.  Check out the project page for Diigo.
Public Betas- (Social Networking)
are in development and anyone can try
ALL About Gaming
International PenPal Exchange
Open CourseWare
  • OpenLanguages for collaration to develop courseware for less commonly taught languages




Learn Prezi


Performative Play Practice (PPP)

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