About LivingLabs Savin Hill

About LivingLabs

Savin Hill Cove

Savin Hill Cove is the Second site forĀ LivingLabs, an innovative new approach at hands on learning and real world research that allows students to work in the field with professionals on interdisciplinary projects. This Fall 2013 semester takes Capstone students into the nearby Savin Hill Cove to use many different approaches in order to make the cove a healthier ecosystem. Groups of students and instructors alike will work to clean up the cove, introduce equipment and methods to make the cove healthier, as well as public outreach to spread information about how local communities can make a difference. Using advanced approaches to environmental problems through Biomimicry research and education, students will learn a wide array of skills while getting hands on experience. Taking the learning out of the classroom and into the real world benefits not only the students, but the community and environment as well.

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