Getting our ‘Stuff’ together – With Ashley Bulseco-McKim!

Many of the students in the LivingLab program are getting excited about future employment and internship opportunities that are now within reach, given the valuable experience we are obtaining here on Nantucket.  As summer internship deadlines are approaching, people are working on updating resumes and filling out applications.  Sunday night our Program Assistant, Ashley Bulseco-McKim, took the time to prepare and present a thorough PowerPoint on creating good quality resumes and CVs, as well as how to seize some upcoming opportunities.  We learned some great tips for customizing our resumes to the job we are applying for, such as including keywords from the actual job post to boost hits, and being quantitative as well as descriptive when listing skills.  Many of us haven’t updated our resumes in a while, as we’ve been full-time students, so her presentation was very useful and greatly appreciated.  Ashley is a PhD student, so much of her spare time is focused on her research and projects on shellfish larvae.  We feel very lucky to have such an ambitious and accomplished woman amongst us, sharing time, knowledge, and helping us succeed with our individual studies.


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