Brant Point Run


A run near Jetties Beach – Timchi and Sarah

As we are adjusting to our new schedule on Nantucket, many of us have realized the opportunity we have to pursue new goals, whether educational or more personal.  Lately I’ve taken to reflecting on what I need to do to strengthen my body and restore some of that energy I used to take for granted.  I’ve never been a fitness guru by any means — in fact I don’t think I’ve ever set foot inside a gym.  But this fresh air and the absence of city sounds and stress has me whistling a different tune.  Exercise:  what seemed like a chore before feels possible now, especially in the presence of my highly motivated colleagues.  Three weeks on Nantucket now and I have been exercising regularly with a few of the other women in my program.  Somedays we focus on toning and core strengthening via YouTube instructional videos.  On pretty days we just just run…


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