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A shout out to the coaches


Like many parents of school-aged kids, I find myself in the midst of my son’s spring activities season.  For us, this includes soccer, baseball and honor’s chorus.  This year, though, I find myself watching these activities through a different lens.


First, I am struck by – and incredibly grateful for – the amazing coaches that my son has had the good fortune of learning from.  This is not to say that the coaches we’ve had throughout the years haven’t been as good, because they have.  It’s more so a reflection the middle school seems to be the time when the different talents of the kids start to become apparent.


These coaches volunteer their time.  They do so because they love the game and because they want to ignite that same passion in the kids.  They work to understand each child, to know their strengths, and to figure out how to bring out their fullest potential.  They give the kids the critical feedback that they need in order to continue developing, and they do it in a constructive, supportive way.


These coaches have learned that the key to success as a team is to embrace the unique gifts that each child offers.  And, in seeing that potential and nourishing it, these coaches are having a profound impact on how our children see themselves and what they are capable of.


I’d welcome you to share your stories – as a coach, as a child, or as a parent.    What is the impact of this kind of coach?

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