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Running the Boston Marathon to Support Camp Shriver

Letter from Coach B4 the 21-Miler!


Hello Everyone,


This Saturday’s 12 mile run is another big step back in mileage before our 21 mile run on March 23rd.  This reduced mileage will allow you to recover from months of rigorous training.


Minor aches and pains are simply part of preparing for a marathon.  Eating well, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of rest are important ingredients to an active recovery program.  Your focus should be on preparing for our final long run next week.  Taking an additional rest day or incorporating an extra day of cross training will still allow your body to recover without sacrificing the cardiovascular fitness you’ve worked so hard to gain.


You should consider replacing your current running shoes if you have more than 300 miles on them.  I recommend running several shorter runs in them before the 21 miler.  Ideally, you should stay with a similar model if you’ve been happy with your current shoes.


You should focus on having impeccable running form during Saturday’s run.  Many runners lose their focus on these ‘shorter’ runs because they’re perceived as not being as important as longer runs.  They are equally important and deserve your attention.


I look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Your Coach,



Rick Muhr

Boston Marathon Running Coach


True greatness is not what we accomplish ourselves, but what greatness we inspire in others!

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