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Running the Boston Marathon to Support Camp Shriver

Coach’s Letter


Hello Everyone,

Greg and I are looking forward to seeing you at Saturday’s training.  Greg has mapped out the best possible 17 mile route considering the volume of snow still remaining on the route:

Many of you are concerned that you weren’t able to complete the scheduled 16 mile run last week.  I suggest you focus on the upcoming 17 mile run and put your best effort into it.  Complete this run will restore your confidence and allow you to get back on track.

Make sure you’ve eaten well, sufficiently hydrated and gotten plenty of rest before our run.  Start off slowly and find your rhythm as your body acclimates to the rigors of the run.  Take brief and frequent walk breaks (e.g., 1 minute of walking for every 9 minutes of running).  This will allow you to maintain proper running form and stave off fatigue.

It’s important to be mindful of traffic on Saturday as we will likely not be able to use many of the sidewalks on the course.  Drivers will be less patient with our intrusion on ‘their’ space 🙂

– Coach Rick


Rick Muhr

Boston Marathon Running Coach


True greatness is not what we accomplish ourselves, but what greatness we inspire in others!

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