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Running the Boston Marathon to Support Camp Shriver

Training Run…Week 2


Week two may have been just as successful as week one, but it was much more rainy.

So far, we’ve proven that neither rain nor snow will stop us from running. Weather gods, thanks for the extra challenging first two weeks, but honestly, sunshine would be just fine, too!

So it was in the drizzle mixed with occasional heavy downpour that Bill, Ides and I completed our five miles.

Before we headed out, Coach Rick talked about the importance of proper running shoes, just in time before our Marathon Sports Night this Tuesday. He also told us about his outfit: “You’ll see I’m wearing capris today. People make fun of me for this. But I tell them, if you have two Ferraris, you wouldn’t leave them in your garage, would you?”

Yes, Coach Rick is definitely awesome. And yes, for those who weren’t there, his calves really did look spectacular.

Happy running, Team Camp Shriver!


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