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Running the Boston Marathon to Support Camp Shriver

Week 2 – Letter from Coach


Hello Everyone,

Last week’s initial training run was an overwhelming success.  Thank you for signing it as you arrived and signing out as you returned from our run.  We will continue to wear nametags for the next several weeks.  The Marathon Coalition is on Facebook so I encourage you to Like the page.  Coach Greg posted this week’s 5 mile course for your review.

We will continue to focus on proper and efficient running form during the next several weeks.  I encourage you to practice these techniques throughout your runs.  The first 2 miles of every run should be at a pace that’s two minutes per mile slower than you expect to average for the remaining miles.  For instance, if you average 9 minute miles, your first 2 miles should be run at 11 minutes per mile pace.  This may seem rather pedestrian but it’s ideal for allowing your body to acclimate to the rigors of running and to practice proper running technique.

Running form tends to diminish as each run progresses.  Be mindful of your technique and incorporate regular walk breaks throughout each run.  I take a 1 minute walk break for every nine minutes of running.  These breaks provide a brief mental and physical break and allow you to maintain your form longer.

This Saturday I will be covering proper shoe and clothing selection.  Being comfortable during your runs should be a priority.  I will provide instruction on identifying your foot type and selecting an appropriate shoe.  There are so many choices in running apparel so I will demystify this maze so you can choose the most effective and functional clothing for marathon training.

I will be providing regular updates on my running blog throughout training.  I encourage you to follow my blog at

Greg and I are eager to help each of you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us with anything that you need.



Rick Muhr

Boston Marathon Running Coach

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