Class Historian

Class Historian
For every class session, one student will summarize what was covered in the class including:

  • what happened in class (what was discussed, reviewed, important notes)
  • homework assigned
  • upcoming assignments and other important dates
  • any questions or items that the class would like answered/reviewed based on exit cards

Sign-ups for the assignment will take place in the first week. Each student must sign up for one class historian session. Additional sign-up for class historian sessions for extra credit will be available after each student has completed one session.

For the class that students are the Class Historian, students should:

  • arrive early (a few minutes before class)
  • make sure they have all learning materials
  • take notes
  • collect exit cards at the end
  • review exit cards for class historian post (and then turn in to the professor next class session)
  • email professor the post by 11:59pm on the day of the class

If a student cannot make it to class on the day of their Class Historian session, it is his/her responsibility to trade the session with someone else. Failure to complete this assignment will result in a failing grade.


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