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Duck Duck Go — A search engine mash-up


Take a gander at Gabe’s search engine http://www.duckduckgo.com


Keeping it simple, indeed. Below, is a search on HP CTO, Phil McKinney.

Mmm, mass-mashed search engine. Say that 3 times fast. Notice i did not say cloud. It looks like Gabe is doing a damn good job. Atta boy! Keep up the data hoarding. 



Author: William Fleurant

A black-hat Bostonian with a Brahmin accent…


  1. Sure i will try it.
    But why duck??

  2. Sounds pretty cool, I will have to try it, thanks for the post…keep them coming!

  3. Wow this is something new, thanks for the great post…I’m heading over there as soon as I finish typing this. I like seeing new search engines, and I definitely don’t mind giving them a try. Again thanks for this post.

  4. I’m starting to love this search engine. :) It’s not just cute, its also easy to use like google. :)


    Lovely Siontee

  5. As a marketer I always like checking out new search technology – headed there now….

  6. Its no google, but i looks awesome! I am going to give it a try. Great blog btw, long time watcher first time poster


  7. I feel staifesid after reading that one.

  8. What a neat article. I had no iknilng.

  9. Now we know who the senbsile one is here. Great post!

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