HOLD on a minute!

Registration for the Spring 2016 semester starts on November 2 for students with 100+ credits (and continues to open for all students throughout November).

Before you can register, there are several things you should do, including meeting with an advisor and being sure all of your holds are removed. A hold is something that can prevent you from making changes to your registration or enrolling in classes for a future semester. There are several types of holds that might be on your account, including:

– Advising hold (you must meet with your advisor to have this removed)
– Bursar or Financial hold (see the Bursar’s Office about any billing issues that might have prompted this hold)
– Emergency Contact hold (you are the only person who can remove this! Just update your emergency contact information on Wiser each semester to lift this hold)
– Immunization hold (see Health Services about removing this type of hold)
– Library hold (please see the Library to learn more about why this hold might be on your record)
– Parking Ticket hold (see the Parking and Transportation Office about these)

To see if you have any holds, log on to Wiser, go to the Student Center page, and check the blue sidebar menu on the right. One box will say “Holds” and list any that you might have. Holds can go onto your account at any time, so you should check here periodically.

You are encouraged to remove these NOW, so that when your registration appointment arrives, you can enroll in spring 2015 classes with as few obstacles as possible.