Sign up to take the CMWA!

The College of Management Writing Assessment (CMWA) is the placement exam used to place students in either BC 230 or BC 290. If you have completed 30 credits or more and finished ENGL 102, you should take the CMWA now! The CMWA will be available throughout the next few months to help student place into BC 230 and BC 290 before Summer and Fall classes begin, but the earlier you take the CMWA, the sooner you will be able to enroll in BC 230 or BC 290.

If you need to access the sign-ups for the CMWA, and don’t already see it in your Blackboard LEARN account, please fill out the CMWA Registration Form. Once you have completed the CMWA Registration Form, in about a week you will be given access to the CMWA page in Blackboard LEARN, where you can select your preferred test date for the CMWA. Students must RSVP online for a CMWA exam by using the CMWA Sign-up sheets in Blackboard LEARN in order to take the exam.

Questions about the CMWA? See the College of Management Writing Assessment Blog Page or contact the College of Management at 617-287-7760.