Haven’t declared your concentration yet? Thinking about changing/adding a Concentration?

Then check out our Meet the Concentrations events!  We will be hosting an opportunity for you to meet faculty members, staff, and other students interested in all the concentrations that the College offers; as well as hear about the required classes, what you can do with a concentration after you graduate, and the earning potential that each concentration can expect!

Notes: These events are designed for students who have not chosen a concentration, or are considering adding a concentration.  These events are MAP eligible, however, students can only earn credit for as many as 2.  Light refreshments will be served.  Check out the MAP Portal for more information on each event.  RSVP is expected.

Meet the Supply Chain & Services Management Concentration: March 10th 3-4pm CC-2-2545

Meet the Management Science and Information Systems Concentration: March 10th 4-5pm CC-2-2545

Meet the Accounting and Finance Concentration: March 11th 11am-12pm CC-3-3545

Meet the Leadership & Organisational Change Concentration, and International Management Concentration: March 13th 3pm-4pm CC-3-3540

Meet the Marketing Concentration: March 13th 4pm-5pm CC-3-3540