Internship Course Registration

If you are interested in taking the Internship Course in the spring semester (AF 480 s1, MGT 480, MKT 480 or MSIS 480), please read below for information about the registration process.

– You must have a newly obtained internship position for the spring 2014 semester to take this course.  Please consult with Career Services staff if you have need assistance obtaining a position.

– Once you have secured an internship, please complete this registration form, and provide your offer letter and position description.

– Bring the form and accompanying materials to the Office of Career Services and Internships (CC-1300) for their review.  A staff member will review the materials.  Their office will then send it to the College of Management Undergraduate Program Office so that your academic qualifications can be reviewed and you will be enrolled if you meet all pre-requisites.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this process to be completed.  There are occasions where we need to contact employers for clarification on elements of the internship, which can take cause delays.  We know that it can also take some time for students to secure a position and get all of the necessary materials – but please note that the  last day to add this course for the spring semester is February 3, 2014.