Test Before the Rest

As you start to think about your spring 2012 schedule, you should also be sure that you have completed all necessary placement exams.

If you plan to take a BC course (either BC 230 or BC 290), you will need to take the College of Management Writing Assessment (CMWA).

If you plan to take your first math course at UMB, or your first math course in over a year, you will need to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE). Your MPE results will expire within a year, so if you took the test, but did not take a course, a more than a year has passed, you’ll need to retest.

If you plan to take a foreign language course, you may also need to take a placement exam. It is wise to consult with the department offering the language to assess if you need a test, and which test to take, especially if you have any previous experience of any kind with the language. If you are specifically interested in the Spanish Placement exam, please visit this site.

The CMWA, MPE and Spanish placement exams are offered through the UMass Boston Testing Center.