About the Journal

About Undercurrents
The English Department’s Composition Program established Undercurrents: A Journal of Undergraduate Student Composition in 2018 and publishes it annually in order to showcase the best works written by the more than 3,000 undergraduate students enrolled in first-year composition courses at the University of Massachusetts Boston every year. The Undercurrents editorial board selects these showcase essays from nominations provided by these students’ writing instructors. Like the courses in the Composition Program, these texts cover a wide range of topics and disciplinary perspectives. The journal is intended not only to celebrate the most accomplished written works produced by students in these first-year classes, which include ESL and Honors sections, but also to inspire and serve as a resource for students writing in these same classes now or in the future. As such, we allow the selected student writings to stand for themselves, as they were written in the students’ first-year writing courses.

There are a number of ways for faculty and students to get involved with the Undercurrents project, from submitting student papers, to referencing Undercurrents in course work and assignments, to adopting writing assignments and ideas that showcase in Undercurrents in their academic coursework.

About Us
The Editorial Board of Undercurrents is composed of first-year writing instructors dedicated to sharing the best of our university’s student writing with the rest of the world.

Lauren M. Bowen

Editorial Director
Brittanie Weatherbie-Greco

Editorial Content Manager
Susan Field

Digital Editor
Dan Messier

Editorial Board
Eduardo H. Chaves
Clarissa Eaton
Itai Halevi
Danah Hashem
Jamie Millen
Natalia Scarpetti

Student Editorial Consultant
Anthony Bambus

Former Editorial Board Members
Maura Norton

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